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Important Information & Terms of Rental


Further info

Security gate surrounds facility, you will choose your own code for entry.

Currently we only accept cash or checks.

You need to provide your own padlock for your storage unit.  Unless you store in the main building or outside.

Storage units are not heated.

Terms of Rental

Rent is due in advance on or before the anniversary date of your agreement each month.

Payments received 15 days or later of monthly anniversary date will be charged a late fee as stated in your rental agreement.

Rent checks are payable to Offshore Storage.

NOTICE: If you fail to make your required payments, you will have to vacate the unit or your property may later be sold at a public sale. Before the sale, you will be notified by first-class mail of the amount due (at the extra cost of $20.00). The notice will be mailed to your last known address. In order to preserve your right to be notified, it is important that you notify Offshore Storage of any change in your mailing address. Also, you should supply Offshore Storage with the name and address of another person who can reach you if you are not at your mailing address, and Offshore Storage will notify that person at the same time and in the same manner as we notify you.

   The tenant shall return premises in a clean and serviceable condition, normal wear excepted. Unwanted storage MUST NOT be left, it is the tenant’s responsibility to remove all contents of storage off the premises of Offshore Storage, when this agreement is terminated.

Conditions: Under no circumstances will premises be used for human habitation. No animals are to be quartered on premises. Flammable materials e.g. Gasoline, paint, solvents etc. are not to be stored on premises. It is also further agreed that the value of said tenants property stored in the assigned storage unit shall not exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000.00).

Default: Any violation of tenant obligation under this agreement shall be grounds for termination by Offshore Storage of this tenancy.

Tenant responsibility; under the terms of this agreement Offshore Storage is not storing property but is providing rental space only. Tenant is responsible in taking all means necessary which includes having insurance to protect and safeguard their property.

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